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Questions to Ask Estate Liquidators


Are their proposals and agreements in writing, detailing all possible charges and expenses?

If a company offers a low percentage commission rate for your sale, you can be assured they will make money back in some other way. Capitol Auction & Estate Services always prepares individual proposals detailing all possible costs and expenses. If extra work is needed, we will get your approval in advance. The best surprise for our customers is “no surprise” at the end of day.

Does the company know how to effectively market your sale?

Do they have discounted rates with local newspapers, professional signage and the ability to reach thousands effectively and efficiently?  Do they have a web site?  Do they send email “blasts” to hundreds of local customers? Do they utilize the internet for free advertising opportunities? 

Capitol Auction & Estate Services effectively uses all of these tools. Part of our service is utilizing lists of past customers to both our sales and auctions. There's no need to run lengthy and expensive newspaper ads when a smaller ad, directing customers to our web site to see pictures and  additional information, will provide more information and save you money. Additionally, we bring to your sale a wireless credit card machine. Buyers who can charge will buy more!


Where does the money go? When will you get your money?

Professional businesses who handle other people’s money, like Capitol Auction & Estate Services, always maintain an “escrow” type banking account which is strictly for sales revenue. Your money is never commingled with our business account.   Capitol Auction & Estate Services pays within 7 business days of the sale.


Does the Estate Liquidator plan to “seed” your sale with outside items? 

Some companies, believe it or not, will bring their own items to sell at your sale! Go to enough sales of these companies and you will see the same items again and again, because they price them too high to sell! Capitol Auction & Estate Services devotes all of its time and energy to selling only your items. We never bring items into a sale. We work for you and only you at your sale. That’s how it’s supposed to be.


Will there be a special pre-sale for dealers or friends? 

Some companies have a select group of customers they invite to a special preview or presale prior to the opening of a sale to the general public. Often times the best items are sold at special prices, long before neighbors or friends of those holding the sale even have a chance to see the treasures. Capitol Auction & Estate Services wants all of its customers to have a fair chance at all of the items for sale.  We feel that by avoiding any “special” pre-sales, we can maximize the return to our customer.


What happens to the items that don’t sell?   

Capitol Auction & Estate Services knows the secondary market for personal property extremely well.  In 2011, we auctioned off well over 5000 items of value at our Auction Gallery and on-site auctions and sold at least another 20,000 items at our select Estate Sales.  We price things to sell. 99% of everything in a home is discounted on the 2nd day of the sale.  We know what the market is to sell an item.  Often times you see items at sales priced like they would at an antique store.  And these are the same prices you see on an item at an antique store that sits there for years! 

Unfortunately, the market has changed for many antique items.  Our thought is, “Let’s sell it today before the value goes down further.”  
We also don't overprice items so we can say at the end of the sale, “We’ll give you $XX.00 (a bargain basement price) to take these away for you.”
We can assist in home clean outs and getting items to a non-profit group of your choice at sale end.  We can do as much or as little as you would like us to do at competitive labor rates.


Regarding antiques and unique items of interest.

We will price these items at a high retail value at your sale, in hopes of finding a true collector who appreciates the item and isn’t afraid to pay full price.  If the item doesn’t sell, at a slight discount, the second day, we will then transport it (at no cost to you) to our auction facility where we will sell it for you at one of our regular Antique & Collectible Auctions.  Our live and online auctions regularly attract 100 + bidders from all over the globe!

No other estate liquidator or estate sales company in the Salem area can offer this kind of service to you. Our goal, from start to finish, is to help you achieve the best possible value for your items.

Is the Estate Liquidator an active member of the community?

Capitol Auction & Estate Services is a member of the following Professional and Civic Groups:

  • Salem & Keizer Chamber of Commerce
  • National Auctioneers Association
  • Oregon Auctioneers Association
  • Certified Appraisers Guild of America
  • Federal Firearms License
  • National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors

At all of our auctions, 100% of the concession proceeds go to local Scout Groups and non-profits, in addition to charity items benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We regularly donate our auctioneering services to local non-profit fund raising events.  Terry Mangum is a member of Rotary International.


We invite your questions. In home consultations and proposals are free with no obligation or pressure.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Capitol Auction & Estate at (503) 990-6976 or email info@capitolauction.net










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