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What’s Hot – What’s Not! What’s Hot – What’s Not!

The following is a short list of items we see doing better and not so well at auction these days. We’ll continue to update this over the coming months.

Hot Items at Auction these days:
Silver & Gold Coins
Sterling Silver Items – Flatware, Jewelry, Serving Pieces
Military Items
Old Padlocks
Match Box Cars made in England
Beatle LPs
Marked Costume Jewelry
Vintage wristwatches by Omega, Rolex, Swiss and German companies
Pocket Watches
Vintage Ladies Hats
Vintage Linens
Old Hunting and Fishing Items
Firearms – Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns
Older BB & Pellet Guns
Mid-Century Modern Furniture – Danish Modern
Old Comic Books in Good Condition – Priced at 10 – 12 cents

Not So Hot at Auction
Large Console Stereos – Radios
Large furniture Entertainment Centers
Fine China Sets
Antique Oak Table & Chairs
TVs with the exception of Flat Screens
Paper items from post 1960:
Collector Plates
Baseball Cards from the 1980′s on
Holly Hobby, David Winter, Recent Barbie Dolls

If you have any questions about what you have, please feel free to give us a call at 503 990-6976. Were always glad to give you an idea about what you might have. Don’t forget, when you see people on the internet offering something for sale, it may have nor be reflective of what the actual market may be. One expert recently said, “Sellers have the right to price their goods for whatever they might wish… and they also have the right to die with their items if they don’t price them to the market.”

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