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Capitol Auction & Estate Services LLC of Salem, Oregon

Our mission is to provide value to both sellers and buyers through the services we provide. We have just opened what we feel is the Valley’s nicest auction house. We are located just south of Mission, west of Interstate 5, adjacent to the Salem airport.

Our Services

If you have an estate to liquidate, we can help you sell it. The same is true if you have keepsakes or other personal items of value that you would like to turn into cash. We buy estates and items of value outright or you may wish to consign items of value to be sold at our auctions. Beginning in early 2010 we are planning an exciting full schedule of auctions.

Additionally, we are certified personal property appraisers, who can prepare written appraisals of personal property for use in securing insurance, identifying cost of charitable donations or for disposition of personal estates.

If we appraise your item(s), we cannot buy it from you, in that this would be a direct conflict of interest. Also, we cannot do gem and jewelry appraisals. A certified gemologist should be consulted for these types of items. (However, we can do values on watches, most clocks and timepieces).

We look forward to meeting and working with you. Questions and inquires are always welcome.

Best wishes,

Terry Mangum

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