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Let’s Have An Auction!

Once or twice a month we have an auction. Our events usually last just a few hours and before you know it, we are done for the day. Our customers get the opportunity to bid on and win interesting, useful and fun items and our consigners end up with a nice check a few days later. So what happens after the popcorn machine is turned off and the doors are closed? Let me tell you a bit about what happens behind the scenes.

My lovely wife Patrice and I are at the auction gallery every day. When I say every day, I mean usually Monday through Sunday, although we do try to stay away for at least a part of most weekends. In a way, putting on an auction is like planning a children’s birthday party – there’s lots of things to do! The following gives you an idea of what we are up to when it isn’t auction day:
• Going on appointments to potential sellers or consigners
• Researching items, advising clients of what they have and potential values
• Setting up and taking pictures for the next auction
• Coordinating advertising and placing ads
• Picking up and transporting goods to the auction gallery
• Cataloging items for our next auction
• Providing settlement statements and paying consigners and estates

To the above, add the daily tasks of running and maintaining an office. Not to mention taking out the garbage, running to get more computer paper and trying to find that one reference book that will tell us a bit more about some of the interesting glassware we have coming up for auction.

In a way, it’s kind of like that movie of Bill Murray’s called “Ground Hog Day” in which he has to repeat the same day over and over, because after each auction, after we get the popcorn swept up, we start the process all over again. Unlike the movie, we do get a change of scenery and things do unfold a bit differently, but somehow in a similar way as we race towards the next auction date.

This is an exciting business. It’s allowed us to meet many wonderful people, heard some incredible stories and led to us handling a lot of interesting items. Best of all, we have the satisfaction of knowing we have been of service to most of these people too.

Terry Mangum – Professional Auctioneer
Capitol Auction & Estate Services, LLC
Salem, Oregon

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